Easy Appetizer Sandwiches

If you are hosting an upcoming party or plan on bringing appetizers to an event, you may want to make easy appetizer sandwiches. Unlike regular sandwiches, appetizer sandwiches are typically smaller versions that feature unique ingredients along with common sandwich fare. You don't have to spend the whole day in the kitchen preparing these mini creations -- use creativity and many different types of ingredients to make easy appetizer sandwiches.


While you can use normal, white or whole wheat bread for your appetizer sandwiches, mix things up by using different types of breads. If you want to make mini regular sandwiches, such as turkey or ham sandwiches, use small pieces of French bread or sourdough bread. Serve goat cheese, olive and red pepper sandwiches on pita bread or crackers. Serve chicken or tuna salad on croissants. Alternatively, use dinner rolls or biscuits as the sandwich bread.


Appetizer sandwiches feature many different types of ingredients and can come in many different shapes. Some of the simpler versions feature regular sandwiches cut into triangles or quarters. Cut off the crusts to create a more elegant look. If you are serving appetizer sandwiches at a holiday party, use your holiday cookie cutters to create sandwiches shaped as hearts, pumpkins, Christmas trees, snowmen, bunnies, clovers or stars. Some chefs simply cut the mini sandwiches into circles for parties that occur at all times of the year.

Tea Sandwiches

Tea sandwiches are delicate finger-food sandwiches that were traditionally served at high tea. They are another type of appetizer sandwich, and you can serve them at elegant affairs. These are typically one-bite, open-faced versions. Some common ingredients for these sandwiches are smoked salmon, cucumbers and cream cheese. The easy versions typically feature only a few basic ingredients, and there are many recipes to choose from. Add robust herbs, such as dill, mint or tarragon, to spice them up.

Other Ideas

Get out of your cooking comfort zone and serve unique appetizer sandwiches at your next event. Skip the peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese this time, and make unique mixtures. For example, make an easy shrimp rillette (a cold, pate-like spread) and serve it on toasted bread. You could also forgo the traditional American sandwich and serve an open-faced bruschetta or a mini caprese salad sandwich (tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil and spinach leaves) on ciabatta bread.