Easter Activities for Infants & Toddlers

easter egg image by ivan gusev from Fotolia.com

Easter marks a season of rebirth, so take time to celebrate the holiday with your young children. Easter-themed crafts and activities help children learn about the holiday and celebrate the season. Choose easy-to-understand activities for infants and toddlers, and combine a bit of education with lots of fun.

Handprint Bunnies

Even though little ones, infants, in particular, do not have the dexterity to participate in a lot of arts and crafts projects, these handprint bunnies are simple to make. This project requires a bit of preparation from the parent or teacher before involving the infant or toddler. Create a bunny shape using construction paper cut-outs on a sheet of white paper. These cut-outs can be as simple as a circle for the head and belly and four paws. Draw a face on the bunny so that it is distinguishable. Then dip your infant’s or toddler’s hands into pastel-colored finger paint. Stamp each hand at the top of the bunny’s head to create ears. Let toddlers decorate or color in the bunny. This Easter craft is one that parents will treasure, as it captures how small their children are.

Tissue Paper Egg

Dyeing Easter eggs might be too messy of a project for infants and toddlers, but you can let younger children create their own eggs using card stock and tissue paper. This easy to create craft is something your toddlers will love and parents can hang on their refrigerator. Cut the card stock into the shape of the egg. Give toddlers strips of pastel tissue paper and ask them to wad them up. This easy task is something they will enjoy. Then let them glue the tissue paper on the egg card stock in any pattern they choose.

Easter Reading

Start teaching your young ones the meaning behind Easter by reading them Easter-themed books around the holiday. Reading is integral during every season for infants and toddlers, and Easter reading can teach them about the holiday. Books like “Clifford’s First Easter” by Norman Bridwell and “Spot’s First Easter” by Eric Hill teach little ones about the basics of Easter. Look for books with Easter animals, like birds, ducks and bunnies, like “Home for a Bunny” by Margaret Wise Brown, “Ducky’s Easter Surprise” by Alan Benjamin and “Bunny Trouble” by Hans Wilhelm.