How to Dump a Guy Who's Stringing You Along

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It can come as a painful shock when you realize that something is wrong with your relationship with "Mr. Right." Whether it be unintentional, on purpose or just because they are clueless, guys sometimes feel that it is easier to string you along instead of facing the responsibilities and emotions of a relationship. Nip this unhealthy relationship in the bud by confronting him about his hurtful behavior.

Step 1

Determine whether you think your significant other is stringing you along based on facts, word of mouth or just a hunch. Making a rash decision to confront him could reflect badly on you.

Step 2

Talk to him in person. Even though you are ending a relationship that has gone sour, text message and email can lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding of tone, as well as the seriousness of the situation. You also want to come out being the bigger person. Virtual correspondence is nonconfrontational, and you want to make sure that you have the upper hand in the conversation.

Step 3

Begin your conversation by being up front about your feelings. "I feel this way because..." is a good phrase to use because it is clear and concise. Use verbal bullet points to state your case, such as feeling that your relationship is one-sided and that you don't have the time to play dating games. Maintain eye contact, choose your words carefully and remain strong.

Step 4

Avoid accusations and insults. Instead, be calm and polite. Stay firm in your decision to part ways, even if he begins to show emotion. Wish him luck on future relationships and leave with a handshake or hug.