Dresses for Women With Hips

by Jessica Pruitt

Choosing a dress can be daunting task, especially for those who are self-conscious. Women with wider hips are often uneasy about their body and look for dresses that draw attention away from their trouble spot. They look for ways to minimize their hips and accentuate their bodies in order to feel confident. Some dresses can do just that for those struggling with their hips.

Shift Dresses

Shift dresses are a favorite for women with larger hips. While there is no definition in the waist, the material is also loose fitting through the hips. Instead of hugging the body, shift dresses form an outline that softens the curves of the body. Shift dresses work exceptionally well for pear shapes. However, shift dresses also work with the hour-glass shape, pulling in the waist with a wide belt. These dresses are also a favorite because of their versatility. While a sheath dress is appropriate for work, you can also dress them up for a night on the town. Shift dresses are also comfortable, adding to their popularity.

Wrap Dresses

The wrap dress flatters all body types. Hour-glass women should look for wrap dresses that tie at the waist line. This will accentuate their tiny waist and draw attention away from their larger hips. Pear-shaped women should opt for a dress with a tie right under the bust line, forming an empire silhouette. The dress should flow out starting at the waist on the pear body type to effectively minimize both the hips and buttocks.

Baby Doll Dresses

Women with larger hips may find baby doll dresses flattering. However, a baby doll dress is generally a younger look and is not as suitable for anyone over 40. Baby doll dresses are a bit tricky. However, following a few tips, all curvy figures will look fabulous in them. Pear-shaped women should opt for a hemline that falls either right above or at the knee. They should also look for baby doll dresses with more embellishments such as ruching at the bust for additional balancing of their figure. Hour-glass-shaped women can wear a shorter hemline, but the dress's waist line must hit perfectly at their natural waist to properly accentuate their curves.

Sheath Dresses

Sheath dresses are particularly flattering for curvy women. The designs are tighter fitting and dip in at the waist, which work well for hour-glass figures as the fit highlights the figure's natural curves. Pear-shaped women may also be able to wear a sheath dress with the proper accessorizing. Pear-shaped women need to find a way to balance their top with their bottom. This can be done by a cardigan or jacket. Also, two-tone sheath dresses are particularly flattering on the pear-shaped body. Wear a lighter top with a dark bottom to effectively balance the body.

Belted Dresses

Selecting a dress with a belt or either adding a belt to any dress will help balance out wider hips. Hour-glass women should look for a belt that sits at the natural waist to cinch in their tiny waist. This will accentuate their curves and draw attention away from their hips. Pear-shaped women should wear a belt right under their breast or slightly above their natural waist to balance their tops with their hips. Choose a thick belt when adding one to a dress as it will more effectively emphasize the waist.

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