Dress-Up Party Ideas for 18th Birthdays

The 18th birthday marks a milestone event in the life of a teenager, symbolizing his or her journey into adulthood. Teens are legally able to vote and often are moving from high school to college and beyond. Dress-up party ideas for the 18th birthday make the birthday memorable. Stick to a specific theme and ask guests to dress up in costumes relating to the theme.

Toga Party

A toga party is one of the simplest dress-up ideas for an 18th birthday, because the basic costume only needs a white sheet. Drape the sheet around the body and wrap around one shoulder, tying at the top. Ask the teens to be inventive and use different methods to make their togas. For example, one teen may opt to turn a sheet into a short dress, with a halter top that ties around the neck. Encourage the teens to dress up their costumes with extra accessories, including jewelry.

Masquerade Ball

In a masquerade ball, all the guests wear costumes that obscure their face and no one knows who the other guests are until they pull off their masks. Host an elaborate masquerade ball and ask guests to come dressed in semiformal attire and bring their own masks. Hold contests for the teens, letting the guests pick their favorite costumes and favorite masks. For a twist on the idea, ask the teens to wear costumes to the event and let them make their own masks on site. Set out plain masks, glitter, beads, feathers and glue to attach the decorations to the masks.

Hollywood Glamor

Throw a Hollywood Glamor 18th birthday party with a classic Hollywood theme. Ask guests to come dressed as their favorite Hollywood star from another era, such as James Dean, Humphrey Bogart, Marilyn Monroe or Lauren Bacall. Decorate the room in shades of black, white and silver. Use a few red accents around the room, including a red carpet that each guest must walk to enter the birthday party.

Out and About

Treat the teen and friends to a night on the town. Arrange for a trip to a fancy restaurant and a nightclub for the teens. Instead of wearing costumes, the teens dress in their favorite elegant attire for the night on the town. You can even rent a popular nightclub or hot spot in town and treat the teens to a night of dancing and alcohol-free drinks.