Dress Tips for Middle-Aged Men

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Many men face an identity crisis when they reach middle age. But instead of feeling lost and unsure of yourself as a middle-aged man, why not learn how to dress better than ever and feel confident in yourself?

Quality Pieces

First, every middle-aged man should have some key quality pieces of clothing in his wardrobe, pieces he can mix and match for a put-together look that is at times casual and at other times dressy. The key is to pick pieces that are classic and also classy. Some of these pieces could include a pair of bootcut dark blue jeans, a pair of flat-front khaki pants, a dark, well-fitting sweater that can be worn over a Tshirt or dress shirt, a couple of button-up dress shirts that can be dressed up or down depending on the clothing they are combined with, and a suit.

Shape Considerations

If, as a middle-aged man, you have done a good job of keeping your body in shape over the years, you can probably get away with plenty of dress styles, including those that are considered more popular among the “younger” generation. However, if you have expanded a bit in the middle over the passing years, you will want to take your new shape into consideration when buying and selecting clothing to wear. A belt cinched around a generous waist, with a tucked-in shirt, may no longer be the most flattering style on you. Instead, try the untucked look, which works especially well with sweaters and polo shirts; this style takes attention away from the waistline, where you may not want to be directing people’s eyes.

Hair Care

It is important to take care of your hair, the hair on your face and the hair atop your head (or what is left of it) in order for your look to be well put together. A nice sweater and pair of jeans will go unnoticed if your beard is disheveled and your hair unkempt. If your hair is thinning, keep your hairstyle short for a more classic look. No matter the thickness of your hair, keep it well-trimmed and groomed.

Good Shoes

A middle-aged man should not generally bum around in cheap flip-flops or Crocs; instead, he should invest in a couple of good pairs of shoes. A nice pair of leather sandals, a comfortable pair of dress shoes, and quality sneakers are all good investments. A good pair of shoes, combined with a well-chosen outfit, can complete a man’s look and make a positive impression.