The Best Dress Choice for Curves

by Elana Kluner
Jennifer Lopez, known for her trademark curves, wows in a form-fitting dress.

Jennifer Lopez, known for her trademark curves, wows in a form-fitting dress.

Dressing an hourglass figure is all about enhancing and displaying your shape. Don’t get lost in trying to cover up. You’ve got a killer body, so give yourself the green light to complimentary dresses. The most important direction is learning which styles work for your figure, then it’s cruise control from there.

Figure Tracing

Toned tummies with rounded curves slip seamlessly into fitted pencil dresses. They are tailored to flatter your figure without being too skimpy and suggestive -- the length of a pencil skirt leaves just enough to the imagination. Darted bodices draw attention to your slender waist and parade your well-balanced proportions. Pencil dresses are elegant, graceful, feminine choices that show you are comfortable with your body.

It's a Wrap

Adequate for the office and classy enough for an event, the wrap dress is a gift to curvy girls. Designed with your specific body type in mind, the wrap dress replicates your natural contours. Its V neckline elongates your torso, and its skirt drapes nicely over your hips and thighs. The wrapped fabric can tuck away a shy tummy, while the tied strap belt draws attention to your waistline. Changing the fabric, color and print can take your dress from a weekend wedding to a Monday morning meeting.

The A-list

A scoop-neck bodice with an A-line skirt resembles fifties Hollywood charm. When the hourglass figures graced the silver screens, celebrities like Marilyn Monroe popularized this look. The open neckline shows off your collarbones and flatters your bust, while the A-line skirt mimics your shapely waist-to-hip ratio. The A-line dress is tasteful and glamorous. Wear one in a solid color with a contrast waist belt to draw attention to a tapered midsection.

To the Max

A maxi dress can work well with curves when worn correctly. A fitted, lightweight cotton with a tank top bodice adds extra length to your legs, while showing off your shoulders. The fabric should mold around your curvy figure without clinging, and the bottom should fall just below your ankles. This is a comfy, easy-to-wear dress for daytime. It’s sexy, yet modest and casual.

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