Draining a Coconut


0:00 Alright, now that we got a hole in here, we want to make sure that this hole is opened

0:06 well so that it drains real good. So, and you have a glass here and we are going to

0:12 pour it on to the glass and we are going to let her drain. Now sometimes there's not much

0:20 fluids in there. Some people call this fluid the milk of the coconut. Other people call

0:27 it the coconut water. Now here's an interesting little information. This coconut water during

0:34 World War was used as blood transfusions when they ran out of blood plasma. This right here,

0:42 goes into your system as pure hemoglobin. This stuff is really really good and is a

0:52 really good substance for the coconut as one of the products that comes out of it. So,

1:01 make sure that you save it all. Now we are going to take this coconut milk or water and

1:08 we are going to use it in a smoothie.