How to Take Down the Queen Bee

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The queen bee takes many forms, and her role often has negative connotations: She's the leader of a group of females, or of a clique, with a significant amount of influence over her followers or outsiders of the group. The presence of a queen bee in any environment -- workplace, a school or a social circle -- can often mean there's a power struggle, stress to conform in a group, bullying or victimization. If a queen bee is having a negative effect on your life, take action to stop her.

Display your confidence. A queen bee takes advantage of weak people and exploits their soft spots. If you find yourself intimidated by the queen bee, chances are she can sense it. Maintain assertiveness around the queen bee. If the alpha female is your boss, don't cower from her presence or verbally agree with things you don't actually agree with. Maintain good posture, establish eye contact and hold on to your integrity.

Confront her in public. If the queen bee says something to disrespect you or someone else, bring attention to her attitude and her rudeness. Calling her out will show her that not everybody will mindlessly submit to her will. It also might inspire others to take a stand on their own and assert themselves.

Ignore her. Her power and influence over the group is due to the amount of attention others give her. A nasty comment from a bully loses strength if the victim ignores it, or if observers stop themselves from getting huffy. If you cannot derail her by confronting her, understand that it's the social system you're in that has put her in power; all you can do is limit her influence on your life.