DIY Wedding Shower Favors Guests Will Actually Like

Carrie Waller / Gillian Ellis / Disney Powless

We’ve all had our share of misses with favors before, so when it’s your turn to host, make sure you give the guests something they’ll genuinely appreciate.

1. Scented Wax Bars

Don’t confuse these for the oft-gifted soap. These homemade wax bars can be placed in dressers or hung in closets to give off a beautifully lingering scent. If you happen to know what fragrance each guest likes (or doesn’t like), it adds a personalized touch that they’ll be over the moon about.

Lucy Akins

2. Mini Succulent Planters

Your friends won’t need to worry about whether this plant will see the end of its life in their hands. Succulents are great for even the most black-thumbed, so they can enjoy this gift long after the wedding shower. You can even give the pots a fun spin with cute painted faces.

Gillian Ellis

3. Painted Canvas Totes

These eco-friendly bags are one of the most practical favors that attendees can receive. The pineapple motif is adorable for summer, but you can also choose a seasonless pattern like diagonal stripes or chevron.

Carrie Waller

4. Teacup Candle

No two people will receive the same favor with this idea. Scour flea markets for unique teacups and transform them into a beautiful container for a homemade candle.

Trisha Sprouse

5. Reed Diffuser Oil

As the more chichi sister of scented candles, diffusers tend to run on the steeper end of the price gamut. This DIY version features an of-the-moment ombre bottle and scented oil, which you can individualize for each person. Guests will be beaming when they find out you created each scent with the recipient in mind.

Carrie Waller

6. Edible Gifts

You can rarely go wrong with an edible favor, so why not up the ante even more with this easy and delicious DIY treat? The caramel apple with chocolate drizzle is a crowd-pleasing classic but we also love its more modern sibling: dark chocolate confetti apple wedges.

Disney Powless

7. Glitter Champagne Bottles

Mini bottles of sparkling wine get the flashy treatment with loads of sparkle. Everyone will want to save these bottles even after they’ve been emptied.

Gillian Ellis

8. Personalized Coasters

Coasters often catch flak as favors, but there won't be an issue with these. Painting each guest’s initials onto a set of cork coasters will make everyone feel special when they open up that gift. Plus, when something is this thoughtful, they’ll remember where they received it and actually use it (way better than being doomed to the recycling bin).

Gillian Ellis

9. Stitched Coasters

Another coaster option that’s inexpensive and super cute is this summery, stitched version. They’re great for keeping drinks cold, so attendees will be thrilled to receive a set of these for their outdoor entertaining plans.

Lucy Akins

10. Donut Pendant

America’s beloved indulgence is immortalized with polymer clay in this bite-sized version of a sprinkle donut. Whether you make it into a necklace charm, a ring, or even a bookmark, your guests will thank you for this fat-free version (and won’t be arguing about whether cakey is better than fluffy). A personalized card with a fun donut pun like, “I donut know what I’d do without you” will complete the gift.

Lucy Akins

11. Take-home Centerpiece

With a simple glass bottle cutter you can find at your local craft store, you can transform any bottle into a charming vase. Scavenge a variety so that you can create a centerpiece composed with a medley of varying heights. On the day of, each guest can go home with a bottle filled with fresh flowers.

Mary & Tim Vidra

12. Crystal Wine Stoppers

Favors don't need to be big--they just need to be useful (even better if they're also pretty). These wine stoppers do just that with its nature-meets-glam quality. They're easy to make and instantly jazzes up an inexpensive bottle of wine that's perpetually sitting on the counter (we all have one).

Mary & Tim Vidra

13. Wrapping Ideas

Let's face it, the packaging is almost as important as the contents inside. These darling gift-wrap ideas will convince the bride's closest pals that they are truly being appreciated for their love and support during this special time.

Gillian Ellis

14. Wood Veneer Gift Tag

Finally, top off your perfectly wrapped box with a tag that boasts a beautiful hand lettering of each attendee's name. Wood veneer edging that you can find at your local hardware store gets refashioned with just a pair of scissors and a hole punch.

Carrie Waller