DIY Queen Bee Costume

Want to cause a buzz this Halloween? Dress up as a queen bee for the day! These costume accessories are easy to make and can turn a black and yellow outfit into an instant Halloween ensemble, perfect for last minute parties or trick-or-treating!


Printable crown template

Gold metallic scrapbook paper or card stock

Yellow and black pom poms

Black pipe cleaners

Shoe clips


Hot glue


To make the crown, print out the crown template and cut it out. Trace the template on the back of gold paper and cut. Glue together to form a crown, using hot glue.

Put a dot of hot glue on a large yellow pom pom and attach it to a black pipe cleaner, pinching the pom pom around the pipe cleaner to cover the end. Repeat to create a second antennae.

Hot glue the antennae to the inside of the crown where desired, leaving a bit of pipe cleaner hanging out at the base.

Twist another pipe cleaner onto the bottom of the antennae to extend the length if necessary.

Wrap the pipe cleaners and around the headband to secure the crown. You can add a dot of hot glue, if desired, for extra security.

Glue small black pom poms around the base of the crown.

To make the shoe clips, fold over a small piece of gold paper and draw a wing shape along the fold. Cut out.

Hot glue the wings to the shoe clips, leaving the wings creased in the center.

Add a large yellow pom and a small black pom along the center fold of the wings, securing with hot glue.

Pair your crown and your bee-dazzled shoes with black and white stripes and a yellow skirt, and you have a buzz-worthy costume for all your Halloween festivities!

All photos: Kelly Lanza