DIY Jeweled Crystal Wine Stoppers

by Tim and Mary Vidra

These decorative wine corks are quick to create, add a touch of natural shine to your bar cart, and make for a homemade yet high-grade hostess or housewarming gift when paired with your favorite bottle of wine. Or, if you’re like us, they’re a fun way to fancy up that bottle of budget wine you keep open on the counter throughout the week, pulling out the good stuff when guests come over (guilty!).

You’ll (simply) need:

  • Cork wine stoppers
  • Rocks, crystals or geodes with a flat side
  • Strong bonding adhesive or glue

Let’s get started! As far as supplies go, you can find a pack of basic cork wine stoppers at your local craft store or online supply shop for right around a couple of dollars.

They are sometimes referred to as craft corks or replacement corks and measure in the arena of an inch or taller with a ¾ inch diameter, tapered and sized to fit most wine bottle necks.

All sorts of rocks, minerals, crystals and geodes can be found at your local rock shop, craft store or even online. If you’re going for a different look, this project can easily be translated using different flat sided odds and ends, like cabinet pulls, small plastic toys and more — it’s your chance to get creative.

We went with a small selection of quartz and amethyst crystals for our stoppers, sourced from our local rock store.

The benefit of picking them out in person at a local spot is not only the ability to get a feel for size, shape and the way the light catches your rocks, but the shop expert was actually able to quickly slice a flat edge on the crystals we chose using a diamond saw for no additional charge (score!).

Making sure both the top of the cork and flat base of the crystal are clean and dry, apply a small amount of adhesive, bonding the two together.

At this point, while the adhesive is still slightly workable, make any final placement tweaks for best fit.

If there is any additional adhesive spilling through the edges, wipe away with a damp paper towel for a clean look. Allow to dry overnight in a clean dry area before using or packaging up as a gift.

With those three simple steps and right around $10, you’ve now got a sparkling new collection of wine stoppers filled with character and charm. Sounds like it’s high time to crack open a bottle of vino to celebrate and test these gems out.

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Photo credits: Mary & Tim Vidra

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