DIY Destroyed Jeans With a Cheese Grater


0:04 hi I'm Christian Turner fashion DIY

0:07 blogger for glitter and glue I'm here

0:09 today citizens of humanity in Los

0:11 Angeles and I'm going to show you how to

0:12 DIY a pair of jeans using a cheese

0:14 grater for this project you're going to

0:18 need an exacto knife or a pair of

0:19 scissors and a cheese grater I'm going

0:23 to start off by taking my exacto knife

0:24 and I'm going to rip holes in my jeans

0:29 just be really careful not to cut all

0:32 the way through the jeans I'm going to

0:34 use exacto just to start my hole it's

0:41 really more of just a cut not

0:43 necessarily a hole you don't want to

0:44 take out a chunk of the fabric you just

0:47 want to make a nice hole in the fabric

0:54 just like that see I mean it's up to you

0:58 really how many holes you do you can do

1:00 a few you can do as many as you want you

1:04 can make them long you can make them

1:05 short do them by the knee up by the

1:08 thigh it really is your creative DIY

1:11 freedom to do what you want because

1:13 guess what through your jeans now once I

1:21 have all the holes that I want I'm going

1:24 to use my cheese grater that I picked up

1:27 in the kitchen and I'm just going to

1:29 start going up and down motion over the

1:33 holes you can also do a little left to

1:39 right whatever works but you're trying

1:44 to get this whole frayed look on the

1:48 jeans you want them to look like you've

1:50 had these jeans forever even though you

1:52 just bought the pair of jeans you want

1:53 them to kind of have that deconstructed

1:55 look like you know you've had them

1:57 forever and you've really worked in the

1:59 garden or no really use them

2:05 you

2:16 and there you have it you just used a

2:18 cheese grater to deconstruct the pair of

2:20 jeans I'm Kristin Turner from glitter

2:22 and glue thanks for watching