DIY Balloon Decals for Father's Day

by Kersey Campbell ; Updated April 01, 2015

This year, let's turn Father's Day into a party! These balloon decals are really easy to make and will make dad feel extra special on Father's Day. Everyone loves balloons, right?

What You'll Need

To make these balloons, here are a few things you will need:

  • Vinyl in your choice of color
  • A cutting mat
  • An xacto knife (or scissors)
  • Our free printable
  • Balloons

Print Out The Free Printable

First, print off the free printable, preferably onto cardstock. Then use your knife and cutting mat to cut out the designs through the cardstock and vinyl. If you feel more comfortable using scissors, go right ahead! You'll notice the design is backwards. This is so when you trace it onto the back of the vinyl it will read the right way once it is on the balloon.

Stick On The Design

Now that your letters are all cut out, peel the paper backing off of the vinyl and start placing them onto your balloons.

Stand Back And Enjoy!

It takes just a few easy steps to make some unique and fun balloons to help make dad feel extra special. Totally worth it!

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