How to Get Free Divorce Forms Online

In addition to being stressful and heartbreaking, going through a divorce filing can also be costly. If you and your spouse are parting ways amicably, have a no contest divorce and have already agreed on terms regarding child custody and property division, you may be able to avoid divorce lawyer fees by taking care of your own filing. Several websites provide divorce papers online that are legal and sufficient to handle the intricacies of the process. Use these steps to get free divorce forms online.

Ensure you and your spouse are in complete agreement about the divorce, child custody, alimony and child support and the division of your marital property before you agree to get free divorce forms online and complete the filing without a divorce lawyer. Research what you're entitled to and gather all of the financial paperwork you'll need to complete the forms necessary for a quick divorce.

Find free divorce forms online thorough websites like,, and Most websites provide the papers as PDF files, so you can click on the form you need and print it directly from your computer. Although some PDF files will allow you to type information into each field before printing, most will require you to output the form and fill it in manually afterward.

Choose divorce forms specifically for your state. Each state has differing requirements for accepting a divorce filing, including what documents you'll need to have and how the system handles child and spousal support, mediation and fault or no fault divorces.

Look for websites that offer no contest divorce papers that also cover additional areas such as child custody agreement forms, a marriage settlement or separation agreement, fee waiver forms and checklists to help you organize necessary documents and signatures as you're filing for divorce and dividing your marital assets.

Consider quick divorce form websites that also offer free legal advice if you have a question about completing a form. Specify your state and the terms of your no contest divorce to ensure the advice you receive is accurate for your particular case.