Display Ideas for Bridal Shows

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Vickie Howard, author of “Brides Inc.,” explains how wedding planning, a seemingly simple affair in the Colonial era, has exploded into a $70 billion dollar industry. Trade shows are undoubtedly a part of this industry and can greatly benefit businesses looking to profit from a bride’s big day. Use the display of your trade show booth to give brides an image of what their wedding could be like with the assistance of your services.

Your Product

Display your product prominently as the main attraction of your booth. If you are selling wedding cakes, design and display three ornate, expensive life-size wedding cakes. Place them in the back of the booth and shine a light on each of them. Display cupcakes up front.

If you make centerpieces, design three different centerpieces of different aesthetics to display: choose completely different flowers, vases and heights for the centerpieces to showcase your range.

For paper products such as wedding invitations, favor boxes and menus, hang them from the ceiling. Or use decorative clothespins and attach the invitations and menu samples to a line. Hang the clotheslines across the booth.

Apothecary Jars

Make the booth visually attractive using apothecary jars for bridal services such as makeup, hair design or car rental, Select different sizes and shapes of the glass jars. Fill the jars with different-colored Christmas balls, seashells, potpourri or candy. Prop up a brochure next to each jar so there is no confusion about what you are offering.

Paper Poms and Lanterns

Decorate the booth with large paper poms of varying sizes. Stick with just one or two colors, like white and pink. Use colors that accent your product: for a vibrant sunflower bouquet, use yellow and white paper poms.

Organza Curtains

Show elegance by draping the booth with organza curtains. Organza is a fabric well-recognized by brides who wish to use it as table runners or to tie for their centerpiece boxes.

Choose two-toned curtains such as soft purple with a gold shimmer or ones with delicately-embroidered flowers.


Try to set up a small plasma TV in your booth to show a video of your products, especially if you are a photographer or videographer. Create a slide show of your works that will complement additional brochures on the table. A TV also will help showcase a wider range of your products: Show videos of your centerpieces or wedding favors on an ornately-decorated table or boutonnieres showcased on happy, attractive groomsmen.

Avoid playing music: You do not want it to drown out conversations with potential clients. Plus, your taste in music might be old-fashioned or too modern for some.