How to Discuss Marriage Problems With Husband

A marriage is a partnership, and within partnerships disagreements can occur. The key to a good relationship in all respects--business or personal--is keeping the lines of communication open. You can maintain harmony in your marriage by discussing problems with your husband.

Spend time alone to identify your feelings. If you're in an argument with your husband, your emotions are running high and it's best not to jump right into a discussion or make rash decisions until you've had time to collect your thoughts.

Place your feelings into writing. With marriage problems, there's going to be a lot going through your mind--from good memories to "What If" to "What Will Be." Write everything you're thinking down, and then prioritize your thoughts by placing the current problems at the top. Only bring up past issues if they're still a problem.

Tell your husband you'd like some one-on-one time. Your husband may not know how the problems in the marriage are affecting you. Approach him and let him know that there are some things you need to talk about.

Sit down to talk with your husband. Pick a time and place without distraction. You and he need each others full attention and respect during this time.