How to Discreetly Find out if a Girl Is Single

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You might have spoken briefly to the girl you have a crush on a few times, perhaps in class or at work, but you still aren't entirely sure she is single. While the most direct approach -- just asking her -- is best, there are other ways you can get the information if you feel embarrassed or shy. You'll need to put on your detective hat and do a little digging to figure it out.

Step 1

Have a friend get the scoop. If you have a mutual friend or co-worker, you could simply ask that person to find out. Make sure it's someone who is not going to spill the beans that you are interested in the girl, however.

Step 2

Check her social media pages. Send her a "friendship request" on her social media page and check out her profile. If she has a boyfriend, she'll likely have a relationship status that says so, or have tons of pictures on her page of her and her special guy. Look for comments that indicate she's in a relationship as well. If she has mostly pictures up of her and her friends and doesn't mention her "baby" or "sweetie" in comments, chances are that she is single.

Step 3

Send her a flirty text and see how she reacts. For example, you could send a text that says, "You looked gorgeous in class today, by the way." If she is in a relationship and happy, she will shut you down immediately by sending back a flat, straightforward text, such as, "Thanks. I need to get back to studying" or "Thanks, my boyfriend said the same thing."

Step 4

Casually mention "your boyfriend" in a conversation. Strike up a conversation about relationships with a group that includes your crush. You might talk about how guys act during football season and then ask her if her boyfriend is a football fan. She'll either launch into a response, if she does have a boyfriend, or say that she is single.

Step 5

Check her body language and verbal tone. Talk to her in a friendly manner that shows interest. Smile often, turn your body towards her and make eye contact. A single girl who is interested will react differently than a girl who is in a committed relationship. If she is single and interested, she'll give you her full attention, maintain eye contact, smile back at you and touch you lightly, according to relationship expert Dr. Laura Berman in a July 2008 article for "NBC News." On the other hand, if she is in a relationship or otherwise uninterested, she may avoid eye contact, keep her responses short, bring up her boyfriend or call you her "buddy."