Different Ways to Wear Suspenders

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Historically, suspenders have been worn by men in place of a belt to hold their trousers up. In today's society, suspenders are worn as much more than a functional item; they are a bold fashion statement. Worn by both men and women, as well as children and teenagers, suspenders dress up an outfit and add individual flair to many looks. Suspenders come in a variety of styles, colors and designs and are a fashionable accessory. They can give an outfit punch, and make a style statement at the same time.


Suspenders can be worn in many different colors and patterns. They can accent an outfit and come in many different styles, such as stripes, prints, patterns and whimsical designs. Colorful suspenders are usually worn to be funky and stylish and are oftentimes thin, measuring only one inch wide, and feature clip-on styles as opposed to the standard button variety.

Business Style

The business style of suspenders are the most classic style of suspenders. Featuring a buttoned-on style that attach to pants, they are worn with the formal business suit seen on Wall Street or in the corporate world. They are usually paired with a pinstriped shirt and come in solid colors such as red, blue, yellow or green.

Hanging Down

It is also fashionable to wear the buttoned-in suspenders hanging down around the waist. These are usually paired with a fashionable shirt and vest on top and formal pants, and are worn to give a casual flair to a more dressy outfit. This is a style statement worn by younger men for an evening out on the town attending dance clubs and parties.

Women's Wear

Many women have incorporated suspenders into their everyday attire. They are worn with preppy clothing and are used to give style to a fun-loving outfit. Usually worn with jeans and a funky top or sweater, these suspenders feature contrasting colors and give a lady's style panache and flair.