Different Types of Soup

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From broths to bisque, there are numerous types of soup out there. Each type is unique in the way it is made and the ingredients it includes.


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Broth or stock soups are clear, yellow or brown in color. Poultry, meat or fish are the main ingredients in this type of soup. It will also usually contain vegetables, herbs and/ or noodles and beans.


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Usually made with fish or seafood, this soup today is made with milk or cream. This chunky soup often contains potatoes and broth as well, adding to the thickness.


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Made with lobster, crab or other type of shellfish, this is a creamy, thick soup. Pureed vegetables may also be added to the soup.


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This type of soup is served cold and may come from vegetables such as potatoes or fruit such as watermelon. The ingredients in this soup may or may not be cooked before hand.

Main Course

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This type of soup is complex enough to be served as a main meal. Some examples of a main course soup are chili and stews.