The Difference Between the Thinking of Married & Unmarried Women

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Married and unmarried women will often have very different views on marriage and being single. But, circumstances help to shape their opinions. Circumstances can result in a change of view, whereby an independent young woman and a happily married woman adopt the views previously held by the other. Many women will also not be affected by a change of circumstances and will adhere rigidly to their views.

Freedom versus Stability

A woman who is single by choice will feel that she has greater independence than a woman who is married. By contrast, a happily married woman will feel that she has greater stability in her life. In either circumstance, both women will be equally happy, because they both have what they want. It is sometimes true that a woman with freedom will want stability, but not at the expense of her freedom. Conversely, a woman who is happily married will always want some independence, but not at the expense of her marriage.

Family versus Career

When a woman is married, the family becomes her main focus. Many women will give up promising careers to concentrate on family life. Some young women will concentrate on their careers, and will not think of raising a family before they reach age 30. Some women will be able to juggle both their career and family life. Not all women, however, will want both, but will concentrate wholly on the family or their careers.

Weakness versus Strength

Young, independent women will often consider themselves to be strong for not needing a man in their lives. But a married woman often considers a single woman as scared of commitment, and will see it as a sign of weakness. An independent woman will feel that it's a strength not to have an urge to start a family, at least until later in life. Coping with the responsibilities of married life is something a married woman considers to be a strength.

Shifting Views

The thoughts of married and unmarried women can change over time. A previously happily married woman will yearn to be single, when irreconcilable differences cause a marriage to break down. A single, independent woman, when falling in love, will face the dilemma of giving up some independence, or risk losing the chance at a relationship. A married woman will sometimes feel the need to be more independent by taking a course or getting a job. This need for independence isn't always indicative of an unhappy marriage. An independent woman, on the other hand, may give up everything after falling in love.