Decorations for a Lingerie Bridal Shower

Lingerie showers are meant to be fun, festive and all about the bride. Make the party location girlie, frilly and fancy to mimic the most beautiful lingerie. A lingerie shower can be both classy and exciting with the right decorating ideas.

Lovely Clothesline

Decorating with lingerie itself creates the perfect atmosphere for this type of party. Have party guests bring their laciest, prettiest bras or their most beautiful gowns and pin them to a clothesline set up in the room. As the bride-to-be opens her gifts, display her new lingerie items on a separate clothesline. Use white or pink clothespins or ribbon to tie the items on the line.

Sweets Bar

The food table can play a big part in the shower decor. Consider making the lingerie shower all about "sweet." Set up a fondue bar complete with a chocolate fountain and dipping favorites such as pretzels, strawberries and marshmallows. Also add other sweets such as cookies, brownies and petits fours. For decor around the room, use clear glass hurricane vases and fill them with chocolate-covered nuts and candies. Use pink accents around the room to contrast with the chocolate browns. Tie a big pick ribbon the bride's chair so she knows where to sit. Serve pink cocktails to complement the sweets bar.

Pink Party

Nothing says feminine and girlie like the color pink. Decorate with beautiful pink daisies and roses for the food table centerpiece and all around the room. Save Victoria's Secret boxes and use them to display the different foods on the table. Make lingerie cookie cutouts with different shades of pink icing for the topping. Serve pink punch and hand out pink boas to all the guests as party favors and to wear during the party. Light plenty of pink candles for an intimate setting.