Decoration Ideas for a Little Black Dress Party

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Shake up the mid-winter doldrums, break away from the endless beach, or celebrate your BFF's engagement with a little black dress party. Borrow a page from the iconic LBD-wearing Holly Golightly, and use some touches of Tiffany to spice up the decor. Whether you clear the floor for dancing, host a champagne tasting, or just mix it up with lively chatter and a screening of the film, decorate your party space for high-style mingling and a fashion-forward evening.

Intimate Invites

Set the stage for an elegant adventure with a custom invitation to the select few. Print white-on-black and frame the invite in an ecru mat, like a mini-poster. Since it's a knockoff of a popular poster, there's a hint of humor involved, just the right vibe for your party. The invitation features a crown or tiara above the words: "Keep Calm and Grab Your LBD." Include a tissue sheet with the details -- black script on white -- of time, place, date, occasion and RSVP contact. Ensure guests understand the dress code by stating "Black Tie and Little Black Dress appreciated." Send the invitations early -- your guests may need to thrift a little black dress if one isn't already hanging in the closet.

Channel Audrey

You don't have Givenchy to help with the decor, but you've got the next best thing, his iconic costume for Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Spray ornate flea market frames with metallic gold paint and use them for movie poster reproductions from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and for stills of Hepburn in that LBD. Hang the framed posters around the room behind elegant champagne, hors d'oeuvres, and dessert stations -- tables covered in floor-length Tiffany-blue linen tablecloths. Include a three-tier cupcake stand -- with Tiffany-blue frosted cupcakes -- each tier draped with a strand of artificial pearls, the whole thing topped with a small rhinestone tiara.

Killer Stilettos

What's an LBD party without some mile-high heels? Pick up discounted or gently used designer 5-inch heels and spray them with metallic silver paint. Mount a single shoe on a clear acrylic palette from the craft store with industrial glue. Drape the shoe centerpiece with fake pearls and scattered teardrop rhinestones. Add a pair of dark glasses to one centerpiece, a crumpled satin elbow-length glove to another. Tuck a spray of orchids, a camellia blossom or a red or creamy white rose in a floral water vial into each shoe. Add a tangled string of battery-operated fairy lights or a rhinestone-encrusted tea light, and the bistro table is suitably attired.

Center Stage

Back the main buffet table with a waterfall of pop-bead pearls, long strands of fake pearls and rhinestones, and white, black and Tiffany-blue paper or ribbon streamers. Cover the table with a turquoise cloth topped by a shorter shiny silver cloth. Stack real or facsimile Tiffany gift boxes in a pyramid-shaped tower in the center of the table, surrounded by silver serving trays, and flank the tower with tall silver flutes or crystal pedestal vases holding sprays of white orchids or bouquets of white roses. A genius touch, if you can pull it off, is a squadron of wire dressmaker's forms, sprayed silver or white, stationed around the room, wearing little black dresses from vintage shops, thrift stores or the deep recesses of your closet.