Decoration Ideas for 60th Birthday in the Office

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While serious and productive work usually takes place in the office, you can transform your workspace for a colleague's 60th birthday. Decorate it as a way to congratulate a co-worker, or as preparation for a huge office celebration. There are plenty of office decorating ideas out there for a 60th birthday ranging from heartfelt to jocular. Find a decorative scheme that suits the personality and sense of humor of the guest of honor, and make your co-worker's birthday one to remember.

Place decorations with "60" on them around the office. Get "60" balloons and banners and tape them to the walls of your colleague's office or cubicle. Make a large banner with "60" on it. Hang streamers around the office. Cut out paper "60"s and hang them from the ceiling with string.

Tape pictures to the wall of your co-worker throughout her years at the office. Ask her family members for copies of photos of her as a child or young person. Find pictures of the office staff over the years and affix them to the walls. Arrange the pictures in chronological order.

Decorate office walls with gag fixtures that make fun of your co-worker's age. Tape a picture of your co-worker above a drawing or picture of a hill to show that he is "over the hill." Make a paper tombstone with your co-worker's name on it to remind him how old he is and tape it to the wall. Put a list on the wall of famous historical events that took place during your co-worker's life. Include very old events, such as the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the construction of the pyramids.