Decoration Ideas for 60th Birthday in the Office

by David Coodin ; Updated September 28, 2017

A 60th birthday can turn a boring workday into a fun party.

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While serious and productive work usually takes place in the office, you can transform your workspace for a colleague's 60th birthday. Decorate it as a way to congratulate a co-worker, or as preparation for a huge office celebration. There are plenty of office decorating ideas out there for a 60th birthday ranging from heartfelt to jocular. Find a decorative scheme that suits the personality and sense of humor of the guest of honor, and make your co-worker's birthday one to remember.

Step 1

Place decorations with "60" on them around the office. Get "60" balloons and banners and tape them to the walls of your colleague's office or cubicle. Make a large banner with "60" on it. Hang streamers around the office. Cut out paper "60"s and hang them from the ceiling with string.

Step 2

Tape pictures to the wall of your co-worker throughout her years at the office. Ask her family members for copies of photos of her as a child or young person. Find pictures of the office staff over the years and affix them to the walls. Arrange the pictures in chronological order.

Step 3

Decorate office walls with gag fixtures that make fun of your co-worker's age. Tape a picture of your co-worker above a drawing or picture of a hill to show that he is "over the hill." Make a paper tombstone with your co-worker's name on it to remind him how old he is and tape it to the wall. Put a list on the wall of famous historical events that took place during your co-worker's life. Include very old events, such as the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the construction of the pyramids.


  • Get permission from your boss or manager before decorating the office.


  • Avoid decorations that make fun of your co-worker's age if he does not have a sense of humor about it.

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