Decorating Ideas With Balloons

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Balloons are not just for decorating high school proms; when used effectively, they can create a whimsical, soft feeling in a room. As you plan decor options, consider how you can work with the natural shape of the balloons to enhance the room decor or serve as a centerpiece.

Arches and Tunnels

Balloons lend themselves well to make dramatic arches. To make an arch, create the shape out of heavy duty wire and attach the balloons to cover the wire. Make different shapes to suit the occasion: a standard arch, a stark, a heart, or a flower. If you want to create a big impression for guests as they enter the room, put multiple arches together to form a tunnel; this is particularly effective when you have a grand march. Arches also serve as a visually impressive photo background.

Ceiling Canopy

If you are decorating a room with a high ceiling, create a dramatic effect by using balloons to create a canopy. Start by using strings of balloons that radiate from the center of the ceiling out to the walls. If you are in a large room, use a balloon canopy to mark off a section of the room for a stage, a dance floor, or a dining area. In that case, use balloon pillars to mark off the section and attach the individual lines to the top of the pillars instead of to the walls.

Table Centerpieces

Use balloons to add height to your centerpieces without spending a great deal of money on trees or tall flowering plants. Fill the balloons with helium and attach them to a weight on the table; use different levels for visual effect. For a bold centerpiece, arrange a bunch of balloons to look like a flower or a tree and attach to the table with a single string or ribbon. Place the balloons at a height that will not impede conversation.


For an unexpected design touch, use balloons to create words, letters, or numbers. Form letters out of wire and attach the balloons to them so they can stay in place; the resulting pieces will be light enough to attach to the wall. You can form dates for a New Year's party or anniversary party, names for a kid's party, or make initials for a wedding or anniversary.

Balloon Ceiling

Use a large number of helium balloons to add a bold swath of color and texture to the ceiling in a room. For a soft, pretty look, attach curled ribbons to the bottom of the balloons and suspend them at the ceiling so the ribbons hang down above guests. For a striking, modern look, position the balloons with the tied end facing up.