Decorating a Golf Table for an Event

golf image by Orlando Florin Rosu from

A golf event is the perfect time to show off your table decorating skills. Whether it is a Father’s Day dinner to honor dear old dad or a casual get-together after a tournament, golf-themed ideas will liven up the party attendees. The decorations do not have to be expensive if you use common objects combined with golfing accessories. Using a golfing theme will make your event look well-planned and creative.

Use an argyle fabric or plastic tablecloth. This will be a colorful backdrop for all your table decorations.

Fill a clear trifle bowl with an assortment of clean golf balls and tees as the centerpiece. You can arrange fresh or silk flowers into it for a more formal display.

Glue clean golf tees to wood or plastic napkin rings and then place green or white napkins into the rings.

Decorate white frosted cupcakes with green tinted sugar to represent a section of a golf course. Make a flag with a white paper triangle glued to a toothpick and use a small white round candy for a golf ball.

Fill a small metal bucket with doughnut holes and place one at each end of the table. You can even cover the buckets with plaid or golf-themed gift wrap.

Use green plastic silverware.

Glue golf balls onto a long narrow ribbon by using a hot glue gun. Hang them from the chandelier over the table for a festive look.