How to Decorate a Meeting Room for a Marriage Retreat

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Marriage retreats are designed to create a safe space for couples to discuss issues in their relationship and heal ruptures from the past. According to Professor's House, marriage retreats should not feel like the confines of a courtroom, but a warm and inviting space to kindle happiness and joy in the marriage. Meeting rooms can be an intimidating setting to do this kind of personal work so a few touches of comfort and some soothing lighting can make all of the difference in decorating this kind of setting for a marriage retreat.

Step 1

Provide a large table with plenty of space for the participants. Include writing utensils and paper pads for participants to use as they go through discussions and activities. The table can be used for larger group meetings or for meetings between spouses and a mediator.

Step 2

Change the lighting in the meeting room. Conference and meeting rooms include fluorescent lighting, which creates a sterile and rigid environment. Place a couple tall floor lamps in the corners of the room to create a more soothing environment.

Step 3

Include a variety of seating styles for the participants. Standard desk chairs are ideal for work around the table for writing and mediation. Place some plush chairs or a small sofa to one side of the room near one of the floor lamps. Add some soft accents pillows in these seating pieces to create a soothing environment.

Step 4

Place a small coffee table with tissues and reading materials next to the plush seating. Also add a few potted plants in the space to create more of a home environment. This area can be utilized for especially difficult or emotional moments or for participants looking to create a soft, comforting moment.