How to Deal With Snobs

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If you are constantly surrounded by snobs, you might find yourself feeling drained or even self-conscious. You may wonder what you can do to gain the approval of a snob, or analyze yourself and realize you are left feeling inferior after spending time with one. It is important to realize you cannot change the attitudes or behaviors of others; however, you can remain in control of how you react to someone's snobby attitude.

Recognize the Cause

There is a reason that people are snobby, and even though you might not know what that reason is, it may be helpful to analyze the person who brings you down. Snobbery may be a symptom of narcissistic personality disorder, according to Adelle Waldman in a 2009 "Psychology Today" article. It may also be caused by insecurity, since the person who is acting snobby feels the need to prove superiority. By recognizing that this individual may actually feel threatened by you, you will not feel so defensive or angry in response to snobby behavior.

Be Overly Gracious

Being extremely kind is one way to encourage a snob to become more relaxed and open. A snob is, by definition, a weak individual, according to psychologist Michael J. Hurd in "What Makes a Snob." Snobs will not be able stand up to your extremely uplifting, encouraging attitude, and will most likely stop acting so superior. For example, you will surprise a woman who acts snobbish by telling her how much you love her outfit and asking her where she purchased it. Doing this will lead to a conversation and show her that you are not threatened by her attitude, and also that you see right past the front she is putting up.

Emphasize Your Interests

There may be a lot a snob from a different background can gain from exposure to your interests and hobbies, according to Stanley C. Loewen in "Dealing with Snobbiness" on the HealthGuidance website. As the two of you get to know each other better, you will naturally begin to focus on your relationship instead of making a certain impression.

Be Confident

Be confident enough in yourself to stand up to a snob who does not change an attitude no matter how much encouragement you offer. While the individual may be trying to make you feel badly about yourself based on personal insecurities, you do not have to take the bait if you have high self-esteem. Make a list of everything you love about who you are, and look over that list whenever you find yourself feeling threatened by a snob.