How to Deal With a Bad-Tempered Brother

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Being around a brother with a bad temper can have you walking on eggshells every time something might irritate him. Your brother is likely having an adult temper tantrum as a result of being stuck in childhood to some degree, according to clinical psychologist Seth Meyers, author of the article "Loving Men With Bad Tempers." While Meyers thinks your brother may not be able to change his personality, he can probably change his behavior. Up until now, your brother has gotten away with it, but you can begin to set limits when he's around you.

Step 1

Accept that this is an ingrained response to anger. If your brother is willing to change, it will take time. Approach your brother with an assertive stance. Be persistent in your efforts as giving up too soon or too easily sends your brother the message that you aren't serious about change, according to Chuck T. Falcon, author of the article "Controlling Anger in Relationships."

Step 2

Remain calm when your brother has an outburst. Validate his feelings during the meltdown by letting him know you understand why he is upset, but you are not condoning the actions he took to express the upset, says Elizabeth Bernstein, Bonds columnist for the Wall Street Journal, in her article, "This Loved One Will Explode in Five, Four ... ."

Step 3

Sit down with your brother and let him know you will no longer tolerate his temper tantrums. Explain how the outbursts make you feel, whether you feel scared, uncomfortable, frustrated or sad. Tell your brother the ways his bad temper has affected your relationship.

Step 4

Tell your friends or others in your life about your brother's bad temper. This is especially important if your family has kept it a secret; you will need the support of others and to admit out loud that there is a problem says Meyers.

Step 5

Set boundaries with your brother and, if necessary, begin to engage in activities you typically enjoyed together with someone else. As he sees a change in your behavior, it might spark a change in his.