Dating Habits That Women Dislike

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Dating that leads to a successful relationship can be difficult territory to travel, especially when you are guilty of committing the infamous dating habits that women dislike. As Thomas Plante, Ph.D., suggests in his advice on making a good first impression, "Focus on the other as much as you can." Be a pleasant, attentive companion, so your first date won't be your last!

The Waiting Period

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A woman wonders if someone else is keeping you preoccupied or that you simply are not interested enough to be excited about her if she doesn't hear from you after a date.There is no magical waiting period that leads to another date. Go with your own instinct on when to place that call or send that cute text. If you must wait, don't wait more than a day or two; according to Evan Marc Katz, dating coach and expert, "If he’s interested in you, he’ll follow up in a couple of days, max."

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk to Tardiness

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Never, ever be late to a date! Despite the fact that she might be running late herself, take the high road and demonstrate that you took care to be punctual. And, if you have to cancel a date due to an illness in the family or Hurricane Lonnie made land fall -- no other excuses are acceptable -- do not be tardy to cancel. Last minute cancellations, no matter the reason, are never well-received.

It Might Not be the 20s...

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But manners matter! "Being friendly puts the other person at ease," says Fredric Neuman, M.D. You want to stand out as someone who is kind and considerate. For guys this might mean opening doors -- to the car and every establishment you enter. If she says that it's not necessary to do so, then that's okay, too. Simply avoid the habit of only opening doors for yourself and give her the option of declining the chivalrous acts, in order to be praised as thoughtful and polite to her post-date listeners.

The Many Faces of Rude

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Unbeknownst to you, the rude monster lurking within you might be ruining your dating life. Read this sub-list carefully, so that you avoid a dating disaster. First, do not look at your phone. It leaves her to pick apart your appearance, or, worse, eavesdrop. Second, looking at other people is a bad move, even if it's not a woman. Chances are she will think you are glancing at that woman over there standing next to the guy you thought you knew. Third, a big no-no is excessive drinking. It can lead to slurred speech, unwarranted affection, an outburst of Tourette's Syndrome, and frequent restroom trips. Fourth, avoid confrontations. The waiter may have forgotten half your meal. The valet may have sped away in your brand new vehicle. Keep your cool and your date will be thankful for being spared the embarrassment of an irate companion.

Leave the Wet Towel in the Bathroom

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You've done it -- an idea worthy of induction into the "First Date Hall of Fame"! One caveat: participate! Avoid being the wet towel. If you go to a comedy club, laugh loudly along with her. If you planned a picnic at the beach, get sand between your toes. If you head over to the amusement park, win the gigantic teddy bear and go on every ride she wants...unless, of course, you know you'll hurl on her shoes afterwards. The point is if you enjoy yourself, you'll have more to talk about with her and that will leave a lasting, positive impression of her time with you. Ditch the bad habits and get the girl!