How to Date Your Husband

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Once you've been married for a while, things may seem like they are getting a little stale, even if you and your husband deeply love each other. Part of the difficulty with marriage is keeping things fresh and interesting while developing together. Although it sounds strange, taking your husband on dates is a great way to rejuvenate and strengthen your marriage while getting closer to your spouse. Even though you're already married, dating your husband brings up memories of your courtship and can help you break out of the rut of daily life.

Arrange a night where you both have no commitments. Make sure it's a night that neither of you works, no visitors are coming and you can get someone to watch the kids. Plan it far enough ahead of time to be sure you can get a babysitter or take off from work, but keep it soon enough that you can both look forward to the date.

Ask your husband out on a date to do something you both enjoy. Pick something that is not already part of your routine so it has some novelty and appeal. Rather than simply going to dinner, consider doing activities like horseback riding, cycling or hiking to give you something new to try.

Spend only what you know you can afford. Don't try to overcompensate and waste money that you'll regret spending later. Sometimes the simplest and least expensive activities become the most important memories.

Buy him a gift. While men usually give women gifts, turning the tables shows you care and that you know what he likes. Keep it simple and, if you don't have much expendable money, make it yourself. Write him a note, draw him a picture or make him something using your own particular talents.

Compliment your husband on his looks, clothes or something else specific to him. After being married for a long time, people often forget to encourage and compliment their spouses. Use body language and physical contact to reinforce your affection. He'll be sure to notice and reciprocate.

Talk about things other than work, television or family plans. Remember, a date is all about spending time with someone and being intimate by sharing, talking and having fun.

Continue the date in the bedroom. Maintaining an active sexual relationship relieves stress, shows affection and renews romantic bonds. If you're really adventurous, take him to a hotel after your date and try something new.