Dancing in the Rain Party Decoration Ideas

Want to plan a party with a unique theme you don’t see everyday? A dancing in the rain party is perfect—and you can decorate for the party with things you may already own (especially if you have children), can borrow from your friends with children or may be able to purchase inexpensively at second-hand stores or discount stores.


Children’s bright colorful galoshes make the perfect base for a centerpiece for a dancing in the rain themed party. Fill the galoshes partway with sand to weight them down and make them stable. Then take several helium-filled balloons on ribbons of different lengths, tie them to a small stake and push the stake down into the sand. You’ll have colorful balloons floating above bright galoshes for a fun and unique table decoration. You could match the color of the balloons to the color of the boot—using blue balloons with blue galoshes and red balloons with red galoshes—or you may wish to use a whole rainbow of colors.

Snails and Frogs

Rainstorms also bring out snails and frogs, so consider incorporating some of these little critters into your party décor. You can often find cute little plastic frogs and snails in the children’s toy department by water toys or in the pet care department near fish tank accessories. You can also find resin snails in the garden décor section. Set them alongside one of the galoshes or on the toe of the boot for a whimsical addition to your centerpieces.

Hang Decorations From the Ceiling

Purchase an assortment of colorful, inexpensive umbrellas at your local discount store. Open the umbrellas up, tie them on ribbons and hang them from the ceiling. Hang the umbrellas upside down for a festive look. Or if you hang them right-side up, you can use ribbons to hang colorful shapes or décor from the tips of each scalloped edge of the umbrella—like shiny metallic hearts or raindrops you cut from colorful paper.

"Rain" Curtains

Silver metallic mylar fringed curtains resemble rain falling and make a great backdrop behind the buffet table or other focal point at your party. A small fan set to the low setting will rustle the curtains to simulate rain.

Sound Effects

Sound can have a powerful impact and really help set the scene. Set up a CD player with CDs featuring rain falling, thunderstorms and other rain-themed sound effects to add a realistic touch to your dancing in the rain party. You can play them at low volume just to create the mood.

Add Water

If your party will be held outdoors under a tent or awning, consider adding water—artificial rain—to the party to add realism and fun. Hook up a garden hose or two with sprinkler ends to the top of the tent or canopy or a nearby roof so the water will sprinkle down on the rooftop, creating a steady pitter-patter sound of rain, in addition to water dripping off the edge of the awning.


An outdoor or table top fountain with the little boy and girl huddled under the umbrella design is also a wonderful addition to a dancing in the rain themed party. This makes a beautiful center attraction, with sound effects. Alternatively, you can find little figurines or garden statues of boys and girls huddled under umbrellas that make inexpensive table décor.

Wall Decor

If you’re having an indoor party, decorate the walls with lots of raindrop shaped cutouts—preferably in silver metallic or light gray paper. Put brightly colored children’s raincoats on colorful plastic hangers and hang them on the walls, too. You could also use small, oval, pearl-colored air-filled balloons hung upside down to look like raindrops.