Cute Valentine Ideas for a Boyfriend

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Valentine's Day is known as the holiday of love, which means it's important to surprise your boyfriend with a cute gift he'll love. Think about what he enjoys doing and what kind of message you want to send him with your gift. Another thing you should consider is any special talents you have or what kinds of activities you both enjoy doing together. Center your gift for your boyfriend around these things.


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Valentine's Day is a holiday to celebrate love; however, commercials stress the importance of getting "her" the right gift and making the day perfect for her. Men need to be honored and made to feel special as well, which is why you're searching for a cute gift for your boyfriend. But men are typically hard to buy for. They seem to have it all, or perhaps it's just difficult to gauge how he'll react to certain gifts like teddy bears.


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Finding a gift that coincides with his hobbies and interests will make him feel special. Knowing that you took the time to discover a gift pertaining to the sports he enjoys will let him know that you think of him and pay attention to things he likes. For example, a set of custom tees or balls for a golfer---or hooks and bait for a fisherman.


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In general, men usually like gifts that are functional. In other words, something that won't just sit on the shelf and look attractive. A box of his favorite candy or personalized conversation hearts are appealing and edible. Perhaps a stuffed animal could hold a small gift, such as love cards or certificates. These could be purchased or made, and contain rewards such as a kiss or massage when he turns them in to you to redeem them. A picture frame that holds your favorite photograph of the two of you together is functional and cute. Personalized boxers or robes with hearts and your names is something he can actually use, while maintaining a certain level of charm.


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Different kinds of gifts can be considered cute, although you're more likely to call them cute than he is. For instance, homemade cookies in heart shapes or decorated with words such "I love you" or "be mine" are cute and yummy. Cook his favorite meal and present it by candlelight with rose petals scattered around the table. Any sort of food can be presented in an eye-catching way while having a purpose.

Sports tickets, concert tickets, movies, games, gift cards, cologne, clothes or sports equipment can all be given to your boyfriend in a way that makes them precious.


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You don't have to spend a ton of money on something for him to make the holiday "perfect." In fact, something small, such as a homemade card and a midnight hike might be perfect. Show him you're thinking of him, and that will most likely mean more to him than if you spent hundreds on an impersonal gift. Something small and sweet will do if that's what you can do at the moment. For instance, if you get up and have a cup of coffee together every morning, consider his-and-her mugs that join together to create a heart. Fill a jar with 52 reasons you love him, so he has a new one to read every week of the year.


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Valentine's Day offers the perfect time to show him how you feel, along with revealing a passion or talent of yours. If you are a creative poet, write him a personalized poem expressing your feelings. Scrapbooks documenting your relationship is another option if your passion is scrapbooking. Make a video or recording, singing a song or playing your favorite love song with an instrument, if you're so inclined.


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Presentation is the key to pulling your Valentine's-Day gift together, and making it cute no matter what it is. Fill a container with small gifts or notes for him and decorate them with hearts. Send him on a scavenger hunt through the yard, house or even your town. Each stop should be greeted with a small gift and a clue as to where he can find his next clue. Leave things at various friends' houses or places you frequent together. The very last place could be the dinner table at home or the restaurant where you had your first date, a romantic hotel suite or even your bedroom.