Cute & Easy DIY Baby Shower Favors

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When you host a baby shower, friends and family gather to shower expecting parents with love and the gifts they'll need for their little one. In turn, you as the host should have favors to offer the guests as a token of appreciation for their attendance. Offer easy, cute homemade favors that your guests can keep to remember the shower.

Can of Goodies

Collect small mason jars, paint cans or coffee cans. Cover them with decorative paper, such as scrapbook paper, that complements or matches the baby shower theme. Cut the paper to fit the canister, then glue it in place with a glue stick. Fill the jar with matching crinkle paper, then add small favors like soaps, candles or candy. Tie a ribbon around the top of the canister to hold a favor tag in place. Write, print or stamp the baby shower information on the favor tag so the canister doubles as a keepsake for the mom and guests. Use something like "Jim and Jess's Baby Shower—September 18" or a similar phrase.


Make little pins for guests out of small foam shapes and tulle. The shower or nursery theme can give you specific ideas for shapes to choose: footballs, soccer balls and basketballs work for a baby boy or a sports-theme shower; flowers or insects work for a baby girl. Baby booties, bottles or a pea-in-a-pod work for either gender. Use hot glue to secure a pre-cut circle of tulle behind the foam shape for added decoration, then glue a flat-back craft pin to the back of the tulle so your guests can wear the pin. Use hot glue to attach tiny plastic baby to the center of the foam shape. You can wrap a small piece of ribbon around the baby to resemble a diaper. These pins can double as game items or decorations during the shower.

Ceramic Coasters

Paint or stamp the baby's monogram or guests' names on ceramic tiles to use as coasters. Decorate the coasters with colors and items to match the shower theme. For a jungle theme, for example, stamp little jungle animals like monkeys, lions, hippos or giraffes. Wrap the coasters in colorful tissue paper, secured with a ribbon. Attach a favor card to the ribbon.

Other Ideas

Consider making small gifts relating to a hobby or passion of yours. If you enjoy jewelry making or beading, make each guest a bracelet. Make gel candles with embedded baby charms. Chocolate suckers, candy or cookies can take on the shape of any mold you can find. If you enjoy scrapbooking, put together custom photo albums or brag books.