Cute Bang Ideas for Short, Straight Hair


0:05 hi thank you for joining me I'm crystal

0:08 jones licensed cosmetologist at Carol

0:11 Carrie Couture salon in brentwood

0:12 california today I'm going to talk about

0:15 cute bang ideas for short straight hair

0:17 different bang styles are required for

0:19 different face shapes soft side swept

0:22 bangs are ideal for square face shapes

0:27 simply sweep your bangs to the side to

0:30 get the look then you can also do a full

0:34 fringe effect while a full fringe bang

0:37 looks best on oval face shapes thank you

0:42 for joining me today you can check me

0:44 out on my blog at la vita bella calm i'm

0:46 crystal jones

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