Cute Baby Boy Shower Ideas

baby boy image by Steve Lovegrove from

Welcoming a baby is one of the biggest and most touching milestones in a person’s life. While gifts and ideas for mothers expecting baby girls abound, it can be more difficult to devise creative showers for moms expecting baby boys. Treat the parents-to-be to a baseball, monkey or frogs, snails and puppy dog tails shower.

Baseball Theme

Tap into the excitement of future Little League games by giving a baseball-themed shower. Have the mom-to-be open presents at home plate and serve food in the outfield. Serve hot dogs, pretzels and peanuts. Ask guests to wear baseball jerseys to the shower.

Monkey Theme

Boys not only love monkeys, but also act like monkeys when they get old enough to walk. Serve party guests a monkey-shaped cake with banana-flavored frosting. Ask guests to bring a monkey-themed gift, such as a Curious George book.

Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

The adage says that little boys are made of frogs, snails, and puppy dog tails. Play with this idea by featuring these items at a baby boy’s shower. Use a stuffed version of Kermit the Frog as a table centerpiece. Serve cupcakes with pictures of snails in the icing. You could also gather the guests and play pin the tail on the puppy-dog tail.

Daddy Shower

Though the mom is generally the guest of honor at a baby shower, why not honor the dad, too? Dads who will be welcoming baby boys are often elated about all of the boy stuff they will do together. Gather the dad-to-be and other men for a coed baby shower. Let the other dads go around the room and offer advice about how to raise a little boy.