Cut Brownies


0:00 And after the twenty five minutes, I've let them cool. Easily able to lift out of the pan, otherwise it would've been a very different story. Look how easily that comes off, see. And not only is it easier now, but I'm not scrubbing the edges of my plate either. Now for plating purposes, I'm going to cut off the very edges. You see the chunks of the caramel in there. You want nice, crisp edges. Those you can save for a treat for later. Although by the end of this menu you'll probably be so full of sweets you won't want to see anymore for a very long time. And, into sixteen pieces just like that, really easy. If you find that you knife is really getting stuck, you can just clean it off. And we'll plate that on a nice square platter, evenly spacing it, just like that. And, there we go, except for a few crumbs that I will pick off, that is ready to go to the table.