Customized Raw Food Meal Plans

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If you and your family are looking for ways to eat healthier, consider adding raw foods into your meal plan. The enzymes in raw foods have not been destroyed by cooking or processing. Therefore, raw foods help the body to maintain the proper alkaline pH balance, resulting in better overall health. Customized raw food meal plans help to keep the nutrients balanced and to fit the raw food diet into any lifestyle. Different reasons exist for wanting to customize raw food meal plans. In addition, there are several avenues to accomplish the customization.


Raw foods are any foods that have not been subject to processing or cooking. The natural nutrients in the foods are preserved and available for use by the body when they are eaten. No meats or animal products are included. Instead, the fare is strictly vegetarian. In addition to mature fresh fruits and vegetables, highly nutritive living foods such as sprouts, nuts, seeds, grains and sea vegetables factor largely in a balanced raw diet. People who consume mostly or all raw foods must mix and match wisely to provide their bodies adequate nutrients on which to thrive. The main goal is to maintain an alkaline state for the body.

Why Customize

As with any diet, to keep a raw diet healthy, you must strike a balance to provide all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need. A customized raw food meal plan for any one person may vary because of several different factors. Age plays a role, with very young and very old people requiring nutritional protection. Some people strive for 70 to 80 percent raw foods, while working in a small amount of meat or cooked beans for additional protein. Many people customize a raw foods diet to help treat a health condition. In addition, calories are a concern, especially if the raw fooder is an athlete in training or is trying to lose weight.


There is no blanket policy regarding a raw foods diet that will work for every person. Educate yourself on the effects of raw foods. Investigate where in your own community you can find the best raw foods. Decide how much time you have to prepare raw foods and select them accordingly. Ease into a raw foods diet by incorporating raw food meal plans slowly into your existing routine. Learn to grow your own sprouts. Make raw foods juices and smoothies to supplement your diet. Lastly, try many different things and keep the ones that work best for you, both in convenience and health effects. Expect this to be a long-term process culminating in customized raw foods meal plans that fit you personally.


If you want to customize your own raw food meal plans, do research into how specific raw foods affect the body. Consult experts at your local health food store or raw foods institute. You can find many books and e-books on the subject in your local bookstore or online. In addition, software exists into which you can input the information on each person in your family, such as age, height, weight and lifestyle information, and the software gives you a suggested meal plan. Finally, many professionally trained healthcare consultants can offer you personal advice about your own diet.

Meal Ideas

Raw food doesn't mean you must sacrifice taste. Blend coconut water in a food processor with some of the coconut meat and vanilla extract until it reaches yogurt consistency. Add fruit for a yummy alternative to dairy yogurt. Make cucumber "sandwiches" for lunch by scooping out a cucumber and layering avacado, cilantro and tomato between inside, covered with a thin slice of cucumber. Squirt a bit of lime juice inside for more flavor. Make a raw spaghetti by cutting long julienne peels of squash instead of pasta. Mix tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, dates, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and basil in a food processor until well blended and serve on top of the squash noodles.