Crochet-Weave Hairstyles

A crochet weave, also known as interlocks, is a hairstyle that uses hair extensions, neatly looped or "crocheted" over cornrowed natural hair. This style can last for up to three months when done correctly, according to Crochet weaves are made from individual braids, and the weave automatically falls into parts because of the cornrows. You, as the wearer, also have the choice of straight or curly hair for your weave. Because of these advantages, there are many different styles to choose from.

Half-Up Styles

A few favorite styles for the crochet weave are the half-up styles. These princess-type hairstyles involve putting the top part of the hair in a ponytail, then letting the rest hang freely. You can do this with a simple ponytail holder or hair clip. For a different, yet elegant look, split the top part into two sections, and do a simple overhand knot. Tighten it just enough to make sure it won't come out. Don't worry about it being permanent—the weave will easily untie itself with a firm tug.

Full Updos

For a full updo, crochet weaves can be treated like regular hair. You must remember, however, that the braids are a lot thicker than normal hair, so hairstyles may be fuller than normal. Try a bun in the back of the head or at the nape of the neck. Add hair accessories such as chopsticks or a lovely barrette, and your hairstyle is done. You can also do French braids. A simple one down the back looks great with a ponytail holder. Piling your hair on top of your head and pinning it into place is a very elegant look. This looks especially good with curly braids; you can pull out a strand or two for a softer appearance.

Hair Down

These are the easiest styles of all. You can simply flip your braids to an acceptable part in your hair, and leave it all down. You can pull your hair away from your face in a low ponytail. You can also accessorize—a well-placed bow or jeweled hair clip will not only keep the hair out of your eyes, but give it a finishing touch. If you've chosen curly hair for your weave, your look will be different from straight hair. Straight-haired weave-wearers can get curls by wrapping the ends of the hair in hard plastic rollers, then dipping them in boiling water for a few seconds.