Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

You just got the most exciting news of your life. You're pregnant! Now that you know this good news, you'll likely want to tell everyone in your life. Work, family, friends--they all need to know your good news. Luckily, there are some creative ways to let them know about the new person who's soon going to grace your family.

The Element of Surprise

It has become very popular to surprise family and friends with the news of a pregnancy. This often gets the biggest and grandest reaction to the news. When working on the element of surprise, consider the age and physical abilities of your target. Surprising your elderly grandmother may not be the best thing for her heart. If it's your husband or mother you're after, then surprise might just be the right choice.

One of the best ways to surprise everyone is to hold a party. Invite anyone that you think would like to hear the news. Family and friends are great people to have with you during your pregnancy. Be sure to invite them. To add to the surprise, serve people sparkling apple juice instead of champagne without telling them. Once they start to get curious, it's time for the surprise. Announce to the whole party that you won't be able to drink alcohol for the next nine months. You'll be surprised to see how long it takes most of them to realize what you mean.

A Twist on Tradition

Give a greeting card to someone you'd like to tell about your pregnancy. Put a copy of your sonogram in the greeting card and they'll be quite surprised. If you find out that you are pregnant around the holidays or a birthday, you could give a baby's bootie to a parent or partner. When they open the gift, they will be perplexed for a time. Once they realize what it is, you're likely to get a lot of "congratulations."

Another creative way to announce a pregnancy is to bake a cake. If you know the sex of the baby, you can frost it in the corresponding colors of blue or pink. Pipe the information of your pregnancy on the top of the cake and give it to someone waiting for the news.