Creative Way to Wrap a Bridal Shower Gift

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While bridal shower games provide girls-only camaraderie, etiquette expert Elizabeth Post reminds us that "the present-opening is the high spot of all showers .... the guests are expected to gather round while the guests of honor opens packages one by one." After tearful hugs and goodbyes, the hostess confronts a room littered with crumpled wrapping paper and tape sticking to the floor. Spare the gracious shower-thrower a mess. Wrap bridal shower gifts creatively for great photo opportunities, but select with re-usable materials or with items the bride likely will keep as a memento of the day.


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Select tea towels, hand towels and sheets, from the bride-to-be's wish list if possible,

Lay the fabric down on a flat surface. Place the gift in the middle of the open linen. Fold the ends of the towel or fabric towards the center of the gift. Tie the ends together in the center.

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Gather the ends of the fabric just above the top of an irregularly shaped gift, or slide it inside a pillow case.

Roll a second pillow class or a thin linen into a long tube. Tie it into a bow to secure the makeshift gift bag. Add embellishments relating to the wedding theme or the season. Embellish with a ribbon coordinating with the wedding colors. For a winter wedding or shower, add a sprig of fragrant pine or colorful holly.

Map Wrap

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Jot down locations relevant to milestones in the happy couple's life. Brainstorm with close friends, parents and siblings. For example, use the birth city or state of the bride and groom, the honeymoon destination or the town the couple met in.

Flip through an outdated map book or collect fold-out maps from recent trips. For saddle-stapled map books, remove the binding staples with a staple remover. Pull the desired maps out of the book.

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Call attention to a special town or street. Circle it with a marker or draw arrows. For an added touch, cut stick figures out of construction paper. Use them to illustrate a first meeting or other milestone. Glue them to the map, adding humorous captions. Cut caption boxes with pinking shears. The specialty scissors add a jagged decorative border.

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Place the finished map face-side down on a flat surface. Position the gift upside-down on top of it. Adjust the position of the gift to make sure your artwork appears on top. Fold the paper over the present. Wrap both ends of the paper closed. Close the package with tape.