Creative Ideas for a Gift for Someone Who Is Leaving

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Good-bye gifts encompass various situations covering a co-worker’s last day, someone who is moving a long distance away or a bon voyage type gift for a special trip. Being creative with gift giving takes a little extra thought and effort, but the recipient will be most appreciative.

Memory Scrapbook

This covers long-term employees' last days at work and loved ones moving far away. A scrapbook filled with pictures and mementos pleasingly put together is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give. It doesn’t have to be a large project that takes months to assemble, but one that simply highlights memorable occasions. If possible, scrapbooks can be a group undertaking with everyone pitching in their ideas while one or two people put it together.

Recipe Cards

Food is a big part of any group of employees with celebrations, potlucks and people just bringing in goodies now and then. Put together attractive recipe cards of some of the better dishes and bundle them together with a ribbon or put them in a small scrapbook along with a card signed by everyone. The departing co-worker will have fond memories when making one of these meals in the future.

Creative Moving Gifts

Do some research on the place your loved one is moving to and have dinner delivered for the first night when cooking might be impossible. Another nice touch would be to have a gift basket of favorite goodies waiting when they arrive. A journey lasting several days might warrant a CD for some new music to listen to, or baked goodies in an airtight container. Moving can be an exhausting and lonely venture and your thoughtfulness will bring comfort. Never give a large gift that has to be transported.

Bon Voyage Kits

Bon voyage gifts are generally for the exceptional journeys such as a six-month jaunt to another country or a month-long cruise. Make up a small flight survival kit with such items as aspirin, hard candy, mouthwash, wipes, earplugs and a small notebook with a pen. Other ideas include a kit of guide books, puzzle books and magazines.