How to Create Your Own Family Reunion Website

If you plan to organize or take part in a family reunion, consider putting together a website for the event. Doing so will help you to advertise the reunion, list all pertinent information and keep your family up to date, all in one central location. Even after the event has concluded, you can use your website to store fond memories of your unforgettable family reunion, like an online archive that your relatives will want to share with their friends.

Step 1

Decide how you will create your website. If you have web design experience, you can create your site from scratch. Otherwise, consider using web design software like iWeb, Virtual Site Designer or Dreamweaver. For even simpler options, blog platforms like Wordpress and Blogger will allow you to build your site right on the Internet, and you can even choose from templates that resemble traditional websites rather than blogs.

Step 2

Choose a name for your family reunion website. Many people choose simple titles such as "Smith Family Reunion," but feel free to get creative. Use this as your site title as well and make sure it appears at the top of your homepage.

Step 3

List the date, time and exact location of the event. Make sure this appears near the top of the page where everyone will see it.

Step 4

Insert at least one family photograph to give your site a sense of visual appeal. You might choose a picture from the last event at which a large portion of your extended family was together, or you could make a collage of assorted family photos by pasting multiple images into a Photoshop document, or even by arranging old photographs in a scanner and then scanning them as one image onto your computer.

Step 5

Include the latest news and updates. This will keep your relatives coming back frequently in the days and weeks leading up to the reunion. For example, if a relative calls you and says that she won't be able to attend, you might mention that in your news section. If you discover that a particular airline has discounted tickets to your city, you might include that type of information as well.

Step 6

Include your contact information. Do not simply assume that everyone knows how to reach you, especially by email, as many older relatives might not have as much technical knowledge. Provide clear contact information, include a mobile phone number, in case anyone needs to get in touch with you regarding the event.

Step 7

Allow your relatives to post their own thoughts on the website. If you use a blog platform, your relatives can post in the comment sections. If you do not use a blog platform, you can create a guest book or message board for people to communicate by simply signing up with websites that provide these tools.

Step 8

Post plenty of photos and reflections after the reunion. This will become your archive, the place where your relatives can look back fondly on all of the fun and share with others.