Creamy Celery Root Remoulade


0:04 hey I'm Luisa Sheffield I'm Eva calm and

0:07 today I'm showing you how to work with a

0:09 really cool root vegetable it's celery

0:11 root and we'll be making a celery root

0:13 remoulade

0:19 so this is a celery root when you buy

0:22 celery the green stalks this is what

0:25 they come out of this is the part that

0:26 grows on the ground and it's really

0:28 tasty but it needs a little bit of

0:30 fattiness to bring out its full flavors

0:32 so in a second I'm gonna cut this up and

0:33 I'm gonna make a remoulade which is a

0:35 really simple slaw okay so I'm first

0:38 gonna make my dressing I've got two

0:40 tablespoons of lemon juice in here I'm

0:42 gonna add about a cup of mayonnaise and

0:45 the mayonnaise really gives this dish

0:47 some richness because the celery root is

0:51 a little bit bitter

0:52 it's really delicious but it's got

0:53 bitterness to it and you just want to

0:54 balance that with some fat now I'm

0:56 adding two tablespoons of Dijon mustard

0:59 this will give a little bit of spiciness

1:02 a little bit of richness to my dressing

1:05 I'm gonna add a generous dash of salt

1:07 and I'll taste it at the end to see if I

1:09 need to add more okay so I just mix this

1:12 up you can see this is a really rich

1:15 dressing okay so now I'm gonna grate my

1:20 celery root so when you see it in the

1:23 market this is what it looks like it

1:24 looks kind of intimidating but it's very

1:26 very easy to work with what you want to

1:28 do is just cut away this brown outside

1:32 skin with a knife and inside you've got

1:35 this white flesh this is a lot like

1:39 working with a potato or a parsnip or

1:42 any other root vegetable you could

1:47 actually eat this raw you don't need to

1:49 cook it and that's exactly what I'm

1:51 gonna do today so just cut it up cut all

1:54 that brown stuff off of the outside and

1:58 then you could use a box grater but I'm

2:00 gonna actually grate this in a food

2:01 processor

2:02 I just put my grading attachment in here

2:10 so I already greeted some I've got quite

2:13 a bit of celery root here it's got this

2:15 really nice white color and I'm just

2:18 gonna add this into my dressing so you

2:22 can kind of eyeball it this looks about

2:24 good I've got enough dressing to coat

2:27 that celery root and now just mix it

2:31 around now this dish is a favorite of

2:34 Julia Child this is one of her classic

2:37 dishes this is where I learned about it

2:39 it's a classic French dish and true to

2:45 French form it's just a few key

2:48 ingredients that come together and bring

2:51 a really wonderful flavor all right I'm

2:54 gonna give this a taste

2:55 hmm Wow so this is a celery root

3:03 remoulade really easy to put together

3:06 this is great on a sandwich it's great

3:08 as a side dish or for a salad starter to

3:11 your meal I'm Alisa Shah fiea I'll see

3:13 you next time on eHow Calm

3:18 you