Crazy Party Games

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Parties are the perfect opportunity to play games, and crazy party games are the most fun. Since most party games are as fun to watch as they are to play, memorable party favors to give guests are DVDs burned from video of the games. And don’t forget that the best part of any game is the prize.

Mummy Wrap

This hilarious take on the toilet paper wedding dress wedding shower game is as fun to watch as it is to play. Have a case of toilet paper on hand, a wind-up alarm clock with a loud bell, and prizes for the winners. Players pair up to play and choose who is the mummy and who is the mortician. The game leader sets the alarm for five minutes and says “Go” and the player-morticians must wrap their “mummies” in toilet paper. The pair with the most-covered mummy when the alarm goes off is the winner. This game works for Halloween parties and over-the-hill parties.

Tied Together

This is a variation of potato sack races where players each put a leg in the same potato sack and have to run to the finish line. Players pair up at the starting line and stand back to back to be tied together around the middle. When the game starts, player pairs have to work their way to the finish line. The first pair to reach the finish line wins.

Banana Pong

Banana Pong requires a ping pong ball, a length of string and a banana for each player. Players tie one end of the string to the banana and the other end to their wrist. The game starts by lining players up at the starting line with ping pong balls on the floor in front of them and bananas tied to their wrists. Players must move their ping pong balls across the floor to the finish line by hitting them with the bananas on strings. Variations include tying the strings to waists instead of wrists or gritting them in teeth.


Forfeit is an ancient game, but it is so much fun even today. Players each have to put something into a pile on the floor: a piece of jewelry, a piece of paper money (folded in a certain way to be able to identify whose it is if there is more than one bill put in the pile), a picture from a wallet or a piece of clothing. These are the “forfeits” One person is the judge, who sits on the floor in front of the pile, and one person is the judge’s assistant who holds up the forfeits above the judge’s head. The judge can’t see what’s being held up. As the forfeit is held up, the assistant calls out, “Heavy, heavy hangs over his head. What will the owner do to claim the forfeit?" The judge demands some activity from the owner to get back the forfeit, such as “sing a song” or “tickle three people” or anything that comes to mind.