Cowboy Hat Etiquette


0:00 Alright, hey I?m Dustin here on behalf of Expert Village here at Callister's and I?m

0:04 just gonna show you little hot manners and some style for when you take out your hat.

0:08 Now when you take it off, the best way to grab a hat is either: a.) right here on the

0:13 crown. Now don?t do too much pressure, just a little bit enough. But the best way I like

0:18 to is you don?t mess up the hat or the color, yet grace is staying on. Grab it like this,

0:24 like this, right where the hot band is, just two fingers there, one here, and grab it like

0:29 that, put on, right so. With that grace, so you don't ruin your hat. Now things you don't

0:35 want to do, grab your hat like this and wrench it down because you gonna ruin your hat, by,

0:39 in one size, it just gonna fall in. And another great way for holding a hat showing it off,

0:44 grab it, two fingers on the inside, one on the outside, and just use the tension of the

0:49 hat like that. So nice hat tips, manners for you when you're going to a church, a public

0:56 place, any inside building, its socially not accepted to wear a hat inside, especially

1:02 if you're in like a court building anything like that. So keep in mind, respect others.