Country Western Party Games

If you are planning a country western party, then you are in luck. There are several options to choose from for party games. The wild west theme adapts easily for a wide variety of party activities and competitive games to play. So round up your horses and put on your sheriff badge to party cowboy style.

Mustang Roundup

Buy a bag filled with small plastic horses. Party supply stores sell them to be given away as party favors. You might also find them at the toy store, or through online vendors like Amazon and Oriental Trading Company. Hide them throughout the back yard, just like Easter eggs would be hidden. Explain to the guests that if they want to save the town they need to raise money, so they are going to round up some wild mustangs to sell at auction. Release them into the backyard to collect as many wild mustangs as they can find. The child who captures the most wild horses is the winner. Let the children keep the horses that they find as party favors.

Gold Rush

Before the party, collect a few large pebbles and spray paint them gold. Be sure that they are clean first, and that there are no chunks of dirt stuck to them. You might need to do a few coats in order to completely cover them. Sprinkle them throughout the sandbox and cover them all with sand. You can add water if your sandbox has good drainage; otherwise just leave it dry. Give children disposable aluminum pie tins to "pan for gold" Poke holes in the bottom of the pan with a nail, so that the sand sifts away. Let the kids keep all of the gold they find. The winner is the child who finds the most gold.

Don't Get Bit

Play hot potato with a rubber snake. Children are to sit in a circle and one child begins the game by passing a rubber rattlesnake to a child sitting adjacent to him. Music (preferably country music) is played while the children are passing the snake and stops abruptly. Whomever is holding the snake when the music stops has been bitten, and must leave the circle. Game play continues until all but one child has been bitten. The winning child gets a prize.