The Correct Glasses for Your Facial Shape

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When you're shopping for eyeglasses, choose a pair that flatters your natural face shape. The correct frames can help highlight your best features and give your face a more symmetrical look. Once you determine your face shape, it's easy to identify the eyeglass styles that work best for your features.


An oval face shape is generally the most desirable because the features are balanced, with the chin only slightly narrower than the forehead. Because your face is symmetrical, most frame shapes can flatter it. However, glasses that have a geometric shape like square and rectangular frames work especially well because their angles complement your face’s curves. The only types of glasses that an oval shape should avoid are over-sized frames, which can overwhelm your facial features.


If you have a round face, you have full cheeks and a rounded chin. Its height and width are roughly the same to give it a circular appearance. Frames that have an angular appearance can help sharpen your features, while those with upswept corners have the added benefit of drawing the eye upward, making your face appear more balanced. Avoid glasses with round frames, which don't play up any of your face's curves.


A square-shaped face is the same width at the forehead, cheeks and jaw. It has a very angular look with a strong jawline. To soften the look of your face, opt for round or oval eyeglasses. Low profile styles that have a curved, rimless bottom edge are ideal. Butterfly frames are also an attractive option because they are slightly wider at the bottom, so they can help balance a strong jawline.The worst option for a square shape-face is square or rectangular glasses that don't complement any of your face's angles.


If you have a heart-shaped face, you have a wide forehead that curves down to a narrow chin. For the most flattering look, choose eye glasses with bottom-heavy frames like a butterfly style to help make the lower part of your face appear wider. Narrow, round frames are another ideal option because they help balance your forehead. You can also opt for frames that sit low on the temples to draw attention to the middle portion of your face. Avoid eye glasses that feature decoration around the temples or upper rim area, because they can make your face appear top heavy.