Copper Remedy for Gray Hair

Gray hair can be a frustrating problem, and aside from dying your hair, there aren't many solutions that work. Gray hair is caused from many things--genes, stress, even drinking too much coffee. An easy and effective remedy for treating gray hair without resorting to boxes of dye is to eat foods rich in copper. Copper produces melanin and can help put color back into the strands of your hair.

Copper Containing Meats & Fish

For foods that contain copper, you can eat shellfish, tofu, and other meats. Meat and fish can give you nearly half of your daily dose of copper.

Beans, Seeds, and Nuts

Legumes such as beans and peas, seeds such as poppy seeds, and nuts--especially brazils, peanuts and cashews are an easy way to stock up on copper. While they do not have as much as meats and shellfish, they do have almost as much and are fast and easy to eat.

Other Copper-Rich Foods

Cereals, potatoes, grains such as wheat and rye, fruits--especially peaches and raisins, and chocolate also contain various amounts of copper. Some cereals contain almost as much as meat, while chocolate contains only a small amount of copper. Fruits and grains vary depending on the type but are easy to mix with other items, such as in a salad, as a side.

Drinking Copper

Always drink that eight to 10 eight-ounce glasses of water. Water contains copper. According to, Copper pipes leak a small amount of copper into the tap water, which helps add to your vitamin diet.

Copper Ideas

Put copper-rich foods into recipes, as snacks, etc. Make trail mix, fruit smoothies. Make one copper rich main dish with copper rich items as sides. There is no limit to the copper you can take into your daily diet, unless you have Wilson's Disease, a rare hereditary disease or Indian childhood cirrhosis (