How to Cope with a boyfriend who doesn't want to get married

You are so in love with the perfect man and you know without a doubt in your heart that he is your soul mate. He completes you like know one else can, and you would love to have the honor and privilege of being his Mrs. Somebody. Only problem is the mere mention of marriage sends up warning signs in his eyes. His body language fizzles and he avoids you like the black plague. If this sounds at all familiar read on.

Time First let's start off with two questions. How long have the two of you been together? How much time have you spent with one another? This could play a huge reason why the man of your dreams is hitting the breaks. Maybe your just a couple months into the new relationship and he just isn't on the same page as you. But let's face it all relationships are different maybe the two of you have only been dating for a year. Living in separate homes and maybe have the chance to spend Friday nights and Saturdays with one another. But what if you have been living together for a year, suddenly the circumstances are different. So first really take a look at the time the two of you have spent with each other, and in that time what have you done as a couple.

Settle Maybe everything is where it should be yet he doesn't want to get married. Maybe your man has become very comfortable with the way things are and sees no reason to change them. Despite how you feel about wanting to get married. This is when you have to look deep within yourself and truly ask the question. How important is marriage to me? If marriage is very important to you, you need to decide if your willing to settle with what your man is prepared to give you. Will you be ok in this current arrangement, and if so for how long. Then if this man where truly Mr. Right then why wouldn't he want to make an honest woman out of you? Only you can decide the value of your relationship, but if your not willing to settle with your current arrangement then you need to find someone who will truly complete your life.

Talk Everywhere you go the leading advise to a woman who wants her man to propose to her is don't talk about it. Talking about it and badgering him about marriage will not get you down the alter. Piss on the info, we are not silly women in romance novels waiting on Prince Charming to make the first move. If your current arrangement bothers you, if you want marriage. Then simply you need to talk to him. Because if you cannot be open about your relationship with each other, then you stand no business getting married.